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Soifer Viktor A. Doctor of Science, academician of RAS. Kotlyar Viktor V. Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics, professor Khonina Svetlana N. Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics, professor
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We discuss particular realizations of optical elements and devices that enable one to break the diffraction limit. A planar binary photonic crystal lens, a zone plate and a binary spiral microaxicon are considered as examples of microoptics devices for subwavelength focusing of laser light.
Образец цитирования:
Soifer V.A., Kotlyar V.V., Khonina S.N., (2014), SUBWAVELENGTH FOCUSING OF LASER LIGHT BY MICROOPTICS DEVICES. Computational nanotechnology, 1: 52-53.
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Ключевые слова:
Microoptics, diffraction limit, subwavelength focusing, photonic crystal lens, zone plate, spiral microaxicon.